7 Best Chinese Food in DC Chinatown

January 30, 2024

By Usa Travel Trip

We put together a list of the city’s best, as well as a few worth going the distance for in the surrounding suburbs. 

1. Peter Chang Arlington

Expect the same crowd-pleasers that made Chang a household name in these parts, including the duck in a stone pot and the dry fried eggplant. 

2. Panda Gourmet

The dan dan noodles are a must—the noodles are made in-house and doused in a sauce made with tingling peppers. 

3. Bob’s Shanghai 66

Speaking of dumplings, you really can’t go wrong with any variation of them on the menu, especially the soup variety. 

4. A & J

The noodles are made in-house, and you’d be a fool (or a vegetarian) to avoid the spicy noodle beef soup.  

5. The Source

stick to the more casual downstairs bar and lounge for delicious dumplings, udon noodles and mini banh mi. 

6. Full Kee

Order the shrimp dumpling soup made with roast pork and Chinese greens, arguably the restaurant’s best dish and certainly its most popular. 

7. Sichuan Pavilion

Just about every dish is a winner, though Schezuan classics like mapo tofu and anything with cumin reign here. 

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