The 10 Best Things To Do in The World in 2024

From festivals and food to good old-fashioned fun, these are the very best things to do over the next 12 months

Forget about “saving money” in 2024. Instead, consider making your New Year’s resolution to explore more, engage in more activities, and experience more of the world. Life is short, after all, and 2024 is promising an abundance of unforgettable festivals, art exhibitions, culinary experiences, and musical events.

There will be grand openings and exciting re-openings, along with the launch of new train routes connecting countries and continents. You’ll find unique and quirky places to socialize and celebrate. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there will be plenty of free and affordable events on offer. So, get ready to start planning: your 2024 bucket list awaits! This comprehensive guide highlights the coolest new activities happening around the world next year. Let’s meet out there!

1. Set off on a cycling trail through eight European countries

Best Things to do in the world
Best Things to do in the world

Europe best things to do in the world

The Trans Dinarica trail, a newly established cycling route traversing the Balkans, is set to become a top priority for many in their 2024 bucket lists. From passionate cyclists to those simply seeking stunning vistas, this route promises something for everyone.

Following a path through national parks, alongside the Adriatic coastline, and winding through forests and rural villages, cyclists will have the opportunity to indulge in hearty local cuisine and find comfortable accommodations at the end of each day’s journey. Emphasizing sustainable travel, the trip aims to highlight the region’s natural beauty, with comprehensive mapping information and recommendations for services available along the route upon its opening.

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2. Celebrate the history and heroes of hip-hop at a huge new museum

New York, USA best things to do in the world

While hip-hop has become a global sensation, its origins trace back to New York City, specifically the Bronx. This borough served as the launching pad for iconic figures such as DJ Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, KRS-One, D-Nice, and more recently, Cardi B and Ice Spice. For years, New Yorkers have anticipated a dedicated space to commemorate and honor the genre and its influential figures.

Finally, in 2024, their wait will come to an end with the highly anticipated opening of The Hip Hop Museum. Spanning 53,000 square feet, this museum will offer interactive exhibits featuring artifacts, multimedia displays, and cutting-edge technology like AI, VR, and AR, providing visitors with a comprehensive understanding of hip hop’s origins and its profound impact.

Best Things to do in the world
Best Things to do in the world

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3. Hop on a cable car to Europe’s highest disco

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland– best things to do in the world

You may have traveled across a city for a party, but have you ever considered trekking up a mountain for one? While it may seem like a considerable effort just for a dance, Detour Discotheque offers an experience that’s truly worth the journey. Originating in remote locations like Iceland and Scotland, this ambitious and distinctive event is making its way to the Swiss Alps in 2024.

Picture performances by seasoned DJs in a revolving restaurant – yes, you read that correctly – along with accommodations in picturesque Alpine villages nestled in the valley below. Sure, it might require four cable car rides to reach the venue, but just imagine the breathtaking views awaiting you.

4. Interact with large-scale digital art

Tokyo, Japan– best things to do in the world

When teamLab Borderless debuted in Tokyo’s Odaiba district back in 2018, it caused quite a stir. The world had never witnessed digital art on such a grand scale before – immersive, interactive, and truly revolutionary. This boundary-pushing art installation went on to achieve a Guinness World Record in 2021 for being the most visited museum worldwide dedicated to a single group or artist.

Although the original venue closed its doors in 2022, the art collective is set to unveil its groundbreaking teamLab Borderless museum in a new central Tokyo location come February. They’re promising brand-new, never-before-seen digital installations that will make their world debut. Based on the sneak peeks we’ve seen so far, brace yourself for an unparalleled experience unlike any other.

5. Cruise the Colombian river that inspired ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’

Colombia– best things to do in the world

While there are numerous major cruise lines that frequent the Caribbean coast of Colombia, none have ventured inland along the Magdalena River – until now. AmaWaterways is set to embark on this journey along Colombia’s equivalent of the Mississippi River in November 2024.

This seven-night riverboat excursion offers a unique opportunity to explore the region’s wildlife and towns, immortalized in Gabriel García Márquez’s beloved novel ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’, all from the comfort of a boutique hotel on water. The itinerary includes visits to a floating village (Nueva Venecia), a UNESCO-designated colonial town (Mompox), and thrilling exotic bird-watching opportunities (Magangué).

6. Watch world-class athletes compete in the French capital

Paris, France– best things to do in the world

While 2024 boasts a multitude of thrilling new developments, there’s one event that only occurs every four years. It’s time for the French capital to host the world’s most prestigious sporting extravaganza – and you can expect nothing short of a spectacular show.

Make your way to Paris to witness the grandeur of the Olympics Opening Ceremony on July 26, and stay tuned for the incredible display of talent across a myriad of sports, from skateboarding to synchronized swimming. Alternatively, opt to attend the Paralympic Games, commencing in late summer on August 28, and be inspired by the remarkable abilities of Paralympic athletes.

7. Dine at a re-opened London icon

London, UK

Simpson’s in the Strand originally opened its doors in 1828, initially serving as a chess club. However, this iconic symbol of London’s opulence has remained closed since the onset of the pandemic – until now. Thanks to restaurateur Jeremy King, this esteemed London dining establishment – renowned as one of the UK’s earliest recipients of a Michelin star – is poised for its grand reopening in 2024.

With a history steeped in patronage from luminaries such as Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens, Simpson’s in the Strand is undergoing a revitalization to bring it “fully into the twenty-first century,” according to King. While the restaurant auctioned off its crockery, chandeliers, and furniture last summer, the exact aesthetic of the revamped venue remains a mystery.

8. Go to a new food festival on a remote Icelandic island

Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland– best things to do in the world

While much attention is focused on Reykjavik when it comes to Icelandic cuisine, there’s a burgeoning foodie scene hidden away on Vestmannaeyjar, also known as the Westman Islands. Enter the Matey Seafood Festival, a rising star in the culinary world. This event invites renowned international chefs to showcase their talents in the island’s restaurants for a weekend of gastronomic delights. Expect exquisite fine dining experiences crafted from local Icelandic ingredients, particularly abundant in haddock and cod.

Past editions have featured acclaimed chefs such as Cúán Greene from Copenhagen’s Noma and Adam Quershi from London’s Kol. The upcoming third edition of the festival is slated for September 5-7 in 2024. However, the allure of the Westman Islands extends beyond the festival dates, with attractions like the famous Elephant Rock, abundant puffin colonies, and a small population of only 4000 residents making it a bucket list-worthy destination year-round.

9. Take a ride on Italy’s revamped vintage trains

Italy– best things to do in the world

The age of air travel is coming to a close as we embrace a future of sustainable and cost-effective train journeys, with Italy’s revamped vintage tourist trains leading the charge in Europe’s array of new transportation options. Announced by Italy’s national railway network, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, last summer, these trains will transport passengers from major cities to rural areas and beyond aboard beautifully restored vintage carriages.

Offering three distinct services – luxury, express, and the more budget-friendly ‘omnibus-regionali’ – these trains cater to various preferences and budgets. The inaugural service, a sleeper train from Rome to the Dolomites, debuts this month, with additional services set to roll out in 2024.

10. Discover the next big thing at a brand-new music weekender

Dublin, Ireland– best things to do in the world

Dublin, home to iconic musicians like U2, Sinéad O’Connor, Fontaines DC, and Phil Lynott, holds a special place in the world of music. Known for nurturing emerging talent, the city is set to host Borderline, a newly announced music weekender highlighting forward-thinking new artists over two nights in February.

Taking place at the legendary music venue, the Workman’s Club, this event will feature rising stars such as Fat Dog, Spider, and Lambrini Girls (whose names alone have won our hearts). It’s the kind of weekend where careers are launched – and you’ll be able to proudly say you discovered them first.

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