How Valentines Day is celebrated around the world

Have you ever wondered how Valentines Day is celebrated around the world? 

How Valentines Day is celebrated around the world

Wales, UK

Known for their fervor, the Welsh commemorate love on January 25th – St Dwynwen’s Day. A tradition dating back to the 16th century involves the exchange of intricately carved wooden spoons called lovespoons between romantic partners.

Valencia, Spain

For Valencians, the most romantic day of the year is on October 9th, the Day of Saint Dionysius, the patron saint of love. To celebrate this joyous occasion, numerous festivals and parades take place, and conventionally, men present their partners with a Mocadora – marzipan figurines – as a symbol of their affection.

Miao, South West China

In the Sister’s Meal Festival, women prepare a variety of vibrant rice dishes, delicately wrapped in silk, and present them to serenading suitors. The destiny of the relationship hinges on the object discovered within the rice. If two chopsticks are found, it signifies love, but if a clove of garlic is uncovered, it signals the end of the romance before it even begins.

South Korea

The affectionate South Koreans observe love on the 14th of each month – not limited to February! Among these occasions are Rose Day in May, Kiss Day in June, Hug Day in December, and Black Day in April when singles gather to comfort themselves with Jajangmyeon – black noodles.

South Africa

Derived from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, young women would attach the names of their crushes to their sleeves, making it visible to everyone. In some cases, the discreet method of sending an anonymous card simply doesn’t achieve the desired result!


Celebrated on February 24th, Dragobete, also referred to as ‘The day the birds are betrothed,’ combines elements of Valentines Day with a celebration of Spring. Young girls and boys venture into the forest to gather flowers, while some choose to wash their faces in snow, aiming to usher in health and happiness.

The Philippines

Valentines Day serves as a widely favored occasion for mass weddings, where hundreds, and at times, even thousands, join in matrimony simultaneously. These grand gatherings are frequently supported by the government as a type of public service.


While in many countries, it is customary to pamper women on Valentines Day, in Japan, men are the recipients of chocolate gifts. The opportunity for men to reciprocate doesn’t arise until March 14th, known as White Day.


Since 2007, February 14th has been designated as National Chocolate Day, aiming to enhance tourism in one of the world’s leading cocoa-producing nations. Throughout the country, one can discover special chocolate-themed menus, exhibitions, and talks as part of the celebration.

St Valentin, France

From the 12th to the 14th of February, the appropriately named ‘Village of Love’ undergoes a romantic transformation, marked by houses adorned with roses, trees adorned with love notes, numerous marriage proposals, and the opportunity to plant your own lovers’ tree.


On February 14th, friendship rather than romantic love is celebrated during Sobrapaev, literally translated as ‘Friendship Day’. The same happens in Finland where the celebration is knowns as Ystävän Päivä.

Czech Republic

Even though Valentines Day has gained popularity in recent years, Czech lovers traditionally celebrate on May 1st. Numerous couples embark on a pilgrimage to the statue of poet Karel Hynek Mácha in Petrin Park, and a kiss beneath the cherry blossom is believed to bestow good luck for the upcoming year.


Referred to as Qixi, the Chinese festival of love occurs on the 7th day of the 7th month in the Chinese calendar. It has its roots in the poignant story of two star-crossed lovers separated by social status but permitted to reunite once a year. In contemporary times, individuals who are not in relationships prepare fruit with the aspiration of finding future love, while couples offer prayers for prosperity.


February 14th Bulgarians celebrate St. Trifon Zarezan Day, otherwise known as Winemakers Day. Couples, therefore, tend to celebrate their love for one another with a glass or two of some of the nation’s delicious wine!


The lovers’ day, Dia dos Namorados, is observed on June 12th. The subsequent day marks Saint Anthony’s Day, dedicated to the patron saint of marriage. Single women often engage in rituals, referred to as simpatias, with the expectation that they will be the next to marry.


Argentinians not only commemorate Valentines Day, but they also dedicate an entire week in July to observe ‘Sweetness Week,’ during which kisses are traded for sweet treats. Initially established as a marketing campaign by confectioners, it was swiftly embraced by this passionate nation. (All Images- Unsplash)

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