Top 10 Things to Do in Europe at Least Once in Your Life

Planning that dream trip? These are the best things to do in Europe, the bucket list experiences to do once in your life

Behold the ultimate Europe travel bucket list – a compilation of the absolute best experiences on the continent, those rare gems that you’ll want to relish time and time again. Okay, we acknowledge the paradoxical nature of that last point, but Europe is a treasure trove of such experiences. It is a continent marked by diversity and a shared history, offering unique encounters and evolving landscapes that redefine everything from street art to street food.

At every corner of Europe, there awaits something extraordinary to savor. Whether you find yourself in renowned cities like Athens and Rome, exploring charming French villages, or discovering secluded Welsh beaches, Europe unfolds as a continuous parade of splendor. These are the must-have experiences in Europe that should grace your itinerary at least once in a lifetime.

Best things to do in Europe

Best things to do in Europe
Best things to do in Europe

1. Get trippy at a psychedelic art museum in Zagreb

Situated on the second level of the 18th-century Raffay Palace, the Croatian Museum of Naïve Art in Zagreb provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, primarily showcasing the creations of self-taught peasant artists from eastern Croatian villages. Anticipate wonderfully eccentric depictions of rural life and intricately dotted landscapes bordering on the psychedelic.

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2. Eat your way around Copenhagen’s buzziest quarter

Best things to do in Europe
Best things to do in Europe

Situated on the northern periphery of the harbor, Refshaleøen, Copenhagen’s liveliest neighborhood, beckons. For culture enthusiasts, the Copenhagen Contemporary art gallery showcases expansive installations, and design aficionados can explore mid-century furniture treasures at the B&W flea market.

Come prepared with an appetite, as the bustling Reffen street food market provides economical choices, and for the trendiest sunset experience in Copenhagen, don’t miss La Banchina (pro tip: pack a swimsuit).

3. Check out an avant-garde play in Berlin

Things to do in Europe: Germany stands as the global hub for avant-garde theater, and among its numerous generously funded theaters, the remarkable Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz takes center stage. Originally a cinema constructed in 1928 with a Bauhaus style, it transformed into the headquarters for the radical Schaübuhne ensemble in the late ’70s and has been under the influential direction of Thomas Ostermeier since 1999.

The Schaübuhne consistently hosts outstanding avant-garde performances from Germany and beyond. While the majority of performances are in German, a considerable number each month come with English or French subtitles, ensuring accessibility to a diverse audience.

4. Eat local on an island near Amsterdam- Things to do in Europe

Things to do in Europe: For a truly unique dining experience that transcends the ordinary, look no further than Vuurtoreneiland. A distinctive boat transports you to this petite, rugged island in the IJmeer, featuring only a lighthouse, a deserted old fort, and a spacious dining room housed within a large greenhouse.

The guiding principle here is to immerse oneself in the essence of nature through a five-course set menu crafted from the freshest regional ingredients, skillfully prepared and cooked exclusively over open flames. The cuisine is exceptional, complemented by the breathtaking surroundings, encompassing diverse flora, stray animals, and picturesque coastlines.

5. Eat, drink and dance in a former army barracks in Prague

Things to do in Europe: The innovative visionaries behind this versatile arts complex envisioned transforming these former army barracks into a diverse cultural haven, seamlessly blending art, theater, cinema, sports, and culinary delights. Today, that vision has become a vibrant reality.

During the summer, the courtyard transforms into an outdoor cinema and beach volleyball court, while winter brings opportunities to savor hot beverages and glide across an ice skating rink. The surrounding structures of Kasárna Karlín include a café situated in a converted swimming pool, garages repurposed into bars and concert venues, and local art adorning the walls throughout the complex.

6. Take the plunge at Joyce’s favourite swimming spot

Things to do in Europe: Throughout the entire year, the rugged outdoor swimming destination known as the Forty Foot attracts resilient Dubliners, even becoming a site for the annual Christmas Day swim. Immortalized by James Joyce in ‘Ulysses,’ where Buck Mulligan plunges into the ‘scrotum-tightening sea,’ this location was historically reserved for male swimmers. However, the dynamics shifted in the 1970s when women vehemently opposed and successfully overturned their exclusion from this iconic spot.

7. Discover a thriving warehouse district in Liverpool

Things to do in Europe: In Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, a hub of start-ups, street food delights, and impressive arts venues awaits. This district, once heavily bombed during the Second World War, now repurposes its historic warehouses into a thriving landscape of music venues, art spaces, and independent boutiques. A must-visit is the Baltic Market, nestled within the striking Cains Brewery building, offering a haven for street food enthusiasts.

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